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Pexus LLC specializes in product development, custom application development and consulting services for web, cloud and mobile platforms.

Check out our latest product offering - Pexus Patriot PS - A Personal Cloud and Automation Server - a complete system and software solution to manage your data on your terms in the privacy of your own home. You can pre-order one today from our online store. Expected shipment in January 2015.

Products and Solutions

At Pexus we believe and invest in creating products and solutions that are not only easy to deploy and use but also provide real value to our customers and empower our customers to take control of their data on their terms!

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Consulting Services

Pexus offers consulting services for creating software solutions and custom application development for web, cloud and mobile platforms. Key Pexus expertise include Linux, IBM middleware (WebSphere/Rational), Microsoft software, Mobile platforms such as Apple iOS / Android / Windows 8 and cloud platforms Amazon/Open Stack/VMware.


Pexus Online Store

We make purchasing our offering easy. Pexus products, solutions and services can be purchased via our secured online store

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