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X-Deep/32 X Server
NOTE: The following product is available from the new company - Pexus LLC. Customers using license file for X-Deep/32 4.6.5 and older versions from Pexus Systems, Inc. (previous company) please note that the latest download will NOT WORK with your old license file. All versions prior to Version 4.7 is not supported. If you wish to download the latest version, you will require a new license after the initial trial period. There is a special upgrade price for customers of Pexus Systems,Inc. - Please click here for upgrade license file.

The following downloads are available.
  • X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Full package
  • X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Basic package (Contains limited local X Clients)
  • X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Multiple file downloads for both Full and Basic packages
The X-Server software in the distribution is protected and comes with 15 day free trial. Usage beyoud 15 days will require a license. Please visit our purchase page to check current prices and buy a license. Note: If a company requires more than 15 days to evaluate please send us an e-mail at

Please select one of the download links that is most appropriate to your needs.

Check out the latest release notes and system/OS requirements before downloading the files for any release specific information.

X-Deep/32 Version 4.7.0 Files

Popular Package Download Click the link below to download
X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Full Package
Available from CNET Download (~16 MB)
Get it from CNET!
X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Full Package
Available from (~16 MB)
Get it from!

The basic package and multiple file download packages are provided for slower/unreliable modem downloads from our website.

For multiple file download the package have been split into multiple files each with a maximum size of 3MB. Download all the files in the multipart download to a temporary directory before running the apropriate setup (.exe) program.

Alternate Package Downloads Click the links below to download
X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Full Package
Multiple Files download

file_1_of_6 - xdp40Full.exe
file_2_of_6 - disk2.pak
file_3_of_6 - disk3.pak
file_4_of_6 - disk4.pak
file_5_of_6 - disk5.pak
file_6_of_6 - disk6.pak
X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Basic Package
Single File download
X-Deep/32 4.7.0 Basic Package
Multiple Files download
file_1_of_4 - xdp40Basic.exe
file_2_of_4 - disk2.pak
file_3_of_4 - disk3.pak
file_4_of_4 - disk4.pak

    NOTE : You are required to comply with the software license agreement before installing
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