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X-Deep/32 X Server

Features In Detail

X11R6.5.1 compliant X Window Server
X-Deep/32 4.x X Window Server is a full 32 bit, multi-threaded implementation based on The Open Org's X11R6.5.1 release, using Win32 API for Windows XP/NT/2000/95/98/ME operating systems.

  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • It is a 32 bit implementation and exploits the full power of 32 bit operating system.
  • Supports multiple instances of X-Server. This enables creating individual XDM connections to multiple hosts at the same time.
  • It is winsock compatible. It uses the built-in TCP/IP of the operating system.
  • Works over SLIP/PPP. LBX (Low Bandwidth X extension is supported.)
  • Local transport through windows shared memory is supported. This enables local clients to connect without the TCP/IP network.
  • It supports all popular display resolution depths : 1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit deep displays
  • It supports all the standard X11 visuals : PseudoColor, StaticColor, TrueColor, DirectColor, Grayscale depending on the display selected Windows display depth. Simulation of 8 bit PseudoColor visual is provided, when the Windows display resolutions is greater than 8 bit. This is useful for those X applications which are wrtten to run only on 8 bit PseudoColor visual.
  • It supports twowindow modes : Single Window Mode, Multiple MS Window Mode. and Multple MS Window, X Window Manager Mode
    • In Single Window Mode all the X Client Windows are created inside one Single MS (Microsoft) Window.
    • In Multiple MS Window Mode every toplevel X Client Window is created as an MS Window. This window mode does not require an X Window Manager to manage the windows. The window management is done by a built-in window manager in the X -Server which supports the basic window management functions from the ICCCM protocol.
    • In Multiple MS Window, X Window Manager Mode every toplevel window is created as a border less window, and X-Deep/32 built-in window manager is disabled. This allows running an X Window Manager like mwm, twm etc.
  • Supports virtual size for root window in Single Window Mode.
  • Selective option to draw the X root window in Multiple MS Window Mode.
  • Co-exists seamlessely with Windows NT/2000/95/98/ME applications on the same desktop.
  • Cut and paste of text between an X-Window and Windows applications via Windows clipboard is supported.
  • Also Cut and paste of graphical bitmap data is provided between any X client window and Windows clipboard.
  • Supports local printing of X client window of either the entire window or a selected portion of the window.
  • Three button mouse emulation through two buttons mouse.
  • Supports the following extensions :
    • Extended-Visual-Information
    • LBX
    • RECORD
    • SHAPE
    • SYNC
    • TOG-CUP
    • XC-MISC
    • XTEST
  • Supports XDMCP (Query, Indirect and Broadcast modes).
  • Auto detection of XDM enabled hosts in the network during X-Server startup offers easy point and click connection to remote UNIX/LINUX hosts.
  • Supports remote font servers. X-Deep/32 can automatically detect remote font servers on XDM enabled LINUX/UNIX hosts.
  • Host based security and option to bind to a given network interface on a multi homed PC, thereby restricting connections to a desired network.
  • Graphical user interface to add remove trusted hosts list.
  • Supports individual personalized X-Server settings for each user through registry database.  
  • Integrated xmodmap functionality allows reading of xmodmap files on X-Server startup.
  • Better system resource management in Windows 9x environment.
  • Scroll mouse support
  • X11 protocol tracing for better diagnostics
  • Checkout the online documentation for more details on what X-Deep/32 X-Server can do for you....

X11R6 Clients
The base package comes with pre-compiled binaries of useful clients such has xhost, xev, twm, etc. Additional clients can be downloaded as a separate package. The clients binaries are available at no charge, and comes with only limited support.

  • appres, atobm, bdftopcf, bitmap, bmtoa, dclock, editres, ico, mkfontdir, oclock, puzzle, showfont, showrgb, twm, x11perf, xcalc, xclipboard, xclockl, xcmsdb, xcolors, xcutsel, xdpyinfo, xedit, xev, xeyes, xfd, xhost, xlogo, xlsatoms, xlsclients, xlsfonts, xmag, xmandel, xmodmap, xprop, xrdb, xrefresh, xset, xsetroot, xstdcmap, xwd, xwininfo, xwud
  • The man pages for the popular X Clients are provided in HTML format.

X Client Launcher program
The X Client Launcher program xcl helps in launching local and remote client programs.

  • Options for saving and restoring of client application parameters.
  • Options for controlling stdout, stderr and stdin of client application.
  • Remote execution is supported via rsh and rexec protocol.
  • Allows creation of shortcuts of frequently used client connections.
75dpi, 100dpi, Speedo, Type1, misc from the original X11R6 distribution compiled in .pcf format.
  • Works with remote font server. (New since Version 3.0)
  • Supports all fonts from the original X11R6 distribution. (You can selectively install all the fonts or use a remote font server)
  • Auto detection of remote font server.

The product comes with online help pages and man pages in HTML format.

Install and Uninstall

  • Easy to install setup, with full registry initializations.
  • Easy Uninstall of X-Deep/32 application.  


  • Multiple packaging for easy download.
  • Internet only delivery.
  • Easy buy options.
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